Difference Between Decking Grades

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In our articles, we may mention a lot of different type of decking grades. Learn more about the decking grades below.

Select: Highest quality timber with a clean appearance, obtained by selecting boards with minimal natural features such as knots, pin holes, insect markings, gum veins etc. so that the boards only show the timbers grain and colour. It is also the most expensive to purchase of the grades, due to the extra cost associated with selection.

Standard & better: A mix between Standard grade boards and select.

Standard: Middle of the range grade. It allows for more natural features then select grade, which enhances the natural beauty of timber and its features.

Feature: Also known as utility grade, it has the highest amounts of natural features including pin holes, insect markings, knots and surface checks. This grade is popular in homes wanting the rustic look or for people who enjoy the natural beauty of timber. It is the cheapest grade.

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