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Difference Between Decking Grades

In our articles, we may mention a lot of different type of decking grades. Learn more about the decking grades below. Select:¬†Highest quality timber with a clean appearance, obtained by selecting boards with minimal natural features such as knots, pin … Read more


Oil vs Water Based Decking Oil

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of both water based and oil based decking oil. Depending on your needs, one can be more suitable than the other. Water based- Positives: Fewer odours Quicker to dry Longer lasting Easy … Read more


Weathered Timber

Cleaning Grey & Weathered Timber

Oxalic acid* is very useful for cleaning grey & weathered timber. It is more commonly known as grey deck cleaners (I.e: Preschem Grey Deck Cleaner) and can be used on all types of timber. It is recommended for cleaning blackened and weathered … Read more


Letting the Timber Weather VS Oiling And Laying It Straight Away

Letting the Timber Weather VS Oiling And Laying It Straight Away

This topic has seen much public and professional debate on which is the better option, with most manufactures recommending that you should let the timber weather for a couple of months before fixing the timber. This suggestion has a few … Read more


Black Metal Stain & Water Stain on Timber | Remove water and black metal stains

How to Remove Water and Black Metal Stains

Oxalic Acid is recommended to remove Water and Black Metal Stains. Black metal stains occurs when welding or grinding occurs next to the timber, bits of iron filings land on the timber where they react with the timbers tannins, causing … Read more


Remove Tannin Stain in Stonework

How to Remove Tannin Stains From Stonework

It’s not hard to remove tannin stains from stonework. In order to get rid of any stains that might have occurred, it is recommended that you use bleach to remove already stained stonework, first trying it on a test patch. … Read more


Stain on Timber | Avoid tannin stain on timber

How to Avoid Tannin Stains

Tannin stains are an undesirable inconvenience for deck owners who have used the beautiful and natural product, timber. So what is Tannin? Tannin is an organic preservative produced in many plants to help deter predators and in plant growth, with … Read more