How to Avoid Tannin Stains

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Stain on Timber | Avoid tannin stain on timber

Tannin stains are an undesirable inconvenience for deck owners who have used the beautiful and natural product, timber.

So what is Tannin?

Tannin is an organic preservative produced in many plants to help deter predators and in plant growth, with some species of plants having higher tannin content then others.

How to Avoid Tannin Stains?

To help reduce the tannins present in the timber of your new deck, use Napisan or a generic alternative containing Sodium Percarbonate mixed in a bucket of hot water. Apply the mixture to the deck with a hard bristle brush or broom, leaving it for around 15 minutes before washing it off with a hose. This method may require a few washes to get most of the tannin out of the boards.