Southern Mahogany Decking


“Southern mahogany” is a fast growing; moderately durable eucalypt commonly found growing in coastal regions of south-east Australia. It the rapid growth, resistance to frost and its beautiful red wood that makes southern mahogany a popular choice for visual applications. The heartwood of the tree has a light red to almost pinkish colour, with the timber mostly being feature free with a medium, even texture and interlocking grain. The fast growing nature is what makes southern mahogany a readily available timber through south-east Australia, with the main source of logs coming from native forest and in the near future, plantations.

Southern Mahogany Decking
Southern Mahogany Decking


Pros & Cons

Hard and strong Limited availability
Being grown in sustainable plantations Occasional grub holes and knots present
Termite resistant
Can be supplied in engineered lengths



Name Eucalyptus Botryoides
Colour (Heartwood) Deep pink to light reddish brown
Colour (Sapwood) Pale yellow
Durability Class 2
Density 910 kg/m3
Hardness Janka rating 9
Checking rating
Shrinkage rating
Availability Limited Availability
BAL Rating 12.5
Termite Resistant YES
Lyctid Borer Susceptible NO
Tannin Leach Little
Origin VIC, NSW