Yellow Stringybark Decking


“Yellow Stringybark” is the common name for three different eucalypt species, which all have a thick, fibrous bark that were once used as early European settlers for roof and wall thatching. The heartwood of the timber comes up a light yellowish-brown colour, very similar to that of tallowwood and Silvertop Ash. It has a medium to fine texture, often seen with an interlocked grain, also showing some features as gum veins and ambrosia. Yellow Stringybark mainly grows in native forests and some plantations on the coastal and tableland areas of southern NSW and eastern VIC, making it readily available in south-eastern states.

Yellow Stringybark Decking
Yellow Stringybark Decking


Yellow Stringybark Decking
Yellow Stringybark Decking


Pros & Cons

Readily available in south-east areas Gum veins sometimes present
Being grown in sustainable plantations
Termite resistant
Can be supplied in engineered lengths
Excellent result from oil based finishes



Name Eucalyptus Muelleriana
Colour (Heartwood) Yellowish brown
Colour (Sapwood) Pale, almost indistinguishable
Durability Class 2
Density 880 kg/m3
Hardness Janka rating 8.5
Checking rating
Shrinkage rating
Availability Moderately Available
BAL Rating 12.5
Termite Resistant YES
Lyctid Borer Susceptible NO
Tannin Leach Little
Origin VIC, NSW